Sunday, April 5, 2009


A guy can be pretty self-conscious at age 14.

My son Jack felt that the previous blog entry did not reflect well on him, and suggested I say it was about his sister, Maria instead.

So when you read it, could you please mentally substitute the name "Maria" whenever you see "Jack"? Also, if you could do the same for "him"/"her" and "he"/"she", that would be good.

Thank you,



Anonymous said...


Tell Jack that he moved up a few notches on my list of people. Anyone that likes the Prisoner is all right with me! That was one of my favorite shows back when it was new TV and I was about Jacks age. Has he seen the Secret Agent TV series that came before the Prisoner?

Secret Asian Man
from Seoul for the last time

Anonymous said...

Hey Secret Asian Man!
Jack said he'd heard of the Secret Agent TV series, but hasn't seen it.

I'll add you to my list of people familiar with "The Prisoner." It was completely foreign to me...

Anonymous said...

Maybe The Prisoner is only big with teenage boys... now and in the seventies. I used to love that big bubble thing too. The Secret Agent TV series was trying to ride the coattails of a new movie phenomenon back then called James Bond.