Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Linky Wednesday

Every now and then you need a blog post just to wrap up some odds and ends, and this is that kind of post.

First up, translation rights to my novel, Favorite, sold to the German publisher Boje last year, and will come out in German in September. The cover is the same, but the new title is Die Lilienvilla. I know that the "Die" in the title means "The," but despite several years of high school German, I'm stumped by "Lilienvilla." Online translators are no help either. If anyone out there has a clue, I'd love to know. And if the translator, Sabine Bhose, reads this, I'd love to hear from her. Email me, Sabine!

Next--regular commenter to the blog, writer Joshua Grover-David Patterson is doing a great series of posts on his blog Everybody Thinks They Can Write  regarding film making. I have a new interest in screenplay writing and movies, mostly in that I've been trying to write a screenplay and am finding it challenging. What I have learned though, is that studying story structure in films is helping me with my novel writing. So if you write any kind of fiction at all, you might want to check out Joshua Grover-David Patterson's site.

Lastly--I recently signed up for something called VYou and discovered that the resolution in my laptop webcam is terrible. Regardless, VYou will soon be embedded in my site. The basic definition of VYou is "conversation video." Basically, it enables people to visit a site and type in a question for someone. That someone will then record video responses which can be accessed by anyone. The official description is:

VYou combines the intimacy of one-to-one conversation with the reach of broadcast. Send messages to users and get personalized video responses, or browse pre-recorded responses to messages submitted by others. Develop an engaged fan base by encouraging others to follow your responses. Share video responses via Facebook and Twitter, or embed a VYou profile on your website or blog.

The easiest way to understand it is to see it. My profile is here, if you want to check it out.

And not related to writing at all--my sister recently sent me this Youtube video saying it reminded her of me. I have no idea why that would be. Hmmm....Maybe because I can kick really high?

That's it for now.




kathleen shoop said...

Congratulations on the German occupation!!!! That's so cool. And I love the video your sister sent...don't you just love sisters! Very funny way to start the day.That video conversation site sounds very, very interesting. I'll check that out.

Lena Sledge said...

Good luck on your screenplay writing. I've been doing the same. You may already know, but I'mma pass it along anyway, there is a free software that makes writing screenplays really simple, called Celtx. I've been using it for sometime now. :-)

It's sweet your sister sent you a video, I send my sister a picture of a cat doing funny things everyday, just to make her smile. She loves cats.

J. E. Medrick said...

Karen, you are braver than I!! Putting myself in front of a camera? Haha, the world doesn't need to see that ;)

Congratulations on selling the German rights! I'm so happy for you :)

If you break "Lilienvilla" into "Lilien Villa" (two capitalized nouns, as I'm sure you know from taking German), it comes out as "The Lily-Villa". That's the only translation I found, so I hope that helps :)

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Cynthia said...

Congrats on your fearless use of technology. I'm still trying to figure out Twitter;-)

Shéa MacLeod said...

That VYou thingy is really cool. Ahhh... the wonders of modern technology. :-)

Congrats on the German rights. That's very cool. Wunderbar! As, they say. (Sorry, that's all I got. lol)

Karen McQuestion said...

Hi Kathleen--yes, sisters are really something!

Lena, I wish I had heard of Celtx BEFORE I bought my software. Heh. Maybe your suggestion will benefit someone else--thanks! And I agree, cats can be a hoot.

J.E. Medrick, I hate pictures and video of myself, too. If you look at the clips you'll notice that I tried to do it from a slight distance (as if that makes a difference!).

Thanks for helping with the title. It still puzzles me, because it doesn't seem to fit the book, but maybe all will be clear someday.

Cynthia, if you get some free time to play around with it, I think you'll find that Twitter isn't that hard. Believe me, if I figured it out, you can too. (I still can't figure out my digital camera though, just between you and me.)

Shea, your wunderbar made me laugh! Thanks.

Debbi said...

If you're interested in screenplay writing, you might want to check out two books. "Screenplay" by Syd Field is considered a primer. Another really great book is "Save the Cat!" by Blake Snyder. I've read both and written one feature film screenplay. So far. :)

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on the German deal. How did you get that? Finsihed Favorite and it is great. Fantastic job.

Sean McCartney
The Treasure Hunters Club
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Joshua Grover-David Patterson said...


Congrats on selling to Germany! My wife is fluent in German, and I just went to ask her to translate... only she's asleep. I'll ask her tomorrow.

Also, thanks so much for the name-check! I had fun writing my series, and I'll be curious to see what people think of it now that it's pretty much complete.

My Novel: Mercy

Coleslaw said...

Adding to the congratulations. As to the title,it does take place in a mansion,IIRC, so the "villa" part makes sense. If you translate "mansion" from English to German with google translate, you get "villa".

"Lilien" is the plural of "lilie", so it's the "Mansion of Lilies" or something like that.

Google Translate now has a feature that lets you click on the words in the translation to get alternate translations. It doesn't help in this case, but sometimes it does.

Suzanne said...

As a young woman of 49, I have absolutely NO APPRECIATION of that video. Especially since I couldn't kick that high even if I was laying on my back!

Regarding screenplay writing: have you read Save the Cat? I've just started it and know that it comes highly recommended.

Karen McQuestion said...

Hi Debbi, you've written a feature film screenplay? Why don't we live closer? We'd have so much to talk about.

Sean, the German deal came about through a foreign rights agent, so I can't take any credit for it.

Hi Joshua Grover-David Patterson! Recommending your site was a no-brainer. Your posts are excellent and I learned a lot.

Suzanne, you look much younger than 49. Seriously. :) And to answer your question--I do own Save the Cat and think it's a great book--entertaining and informative.

Coleslaw, thanks for doing the detective work on the book name. The owner of the mansion is named "Lillian," and the German description spells it as "Lilian." So maybe the name is a variation of her name--a double meaning? I will think on this.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool. How do you get one of those? :) I also wanted you to know that Breaking the Beale Code is available on Kindle...finally. Thanks again for all of your help.

Sean McCartney
The Treasure Hunters Club

Coleslaw said...

I don't think it's a double meaning. I had forgotten the character's name was Lillian, but I do know in German they compound words even more so than in English, so rather than say "Lillian's mansion", they would say "the Lillianmansion". Kind of like we might say "The Beale house" for the house where the Beale's live, but with the two nouns made into one compound noun.

Karen McQuestion said...

Sean--you are very welcome! The cover of your new book is great, BTW.

Coleslaw, I think you've cracked the code! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Debbi said...

I know, Karen. Except we'd have to make it a less snowy place than Wisconsin. Sorry. :)

However, I visited Madison once in the fall to attend Bouchercon (the big mystery convention). It seemed like a really awesome college town. Too bad about the snow, huh? :)

Karen McQuestion said...

Debbi, if you ever get to Madison again, let me know! I live an hour away.

And about that snow--I just think of it as our thing. Some places have horrible summer humidity, searing desert heat, poisonous snakes and/or spiders, ginormous cockroaches, earthquakes,etc. Wisconsin is short on all these things, but we have snow. Could be worse.

D. L. Marriott said...

Are you working on your screenplay with Gail? She mentioned you two were working together. I recently was told I should write a screenplay for "Finding Hope" by a guy (I'm just thrilled guys like my story as well as girls), who writes tv commercials. He seems to think it would be a perfect LMN story. So maybe I'll have to try writing a screenplay one day.

Conrats on Germany and I hope you're enjoying NY! I love NY, great energy!

Karen McQuestion said...

Hi Dody! Thanks so much for leaving a comment.

Gail is working on her screenplay and slowly but surely I'm working on mine, but we get together to exchange feedback. She's good at feedback(as you know). Good luck with your screenplay (if you decide to go that way).

Christopher Wills said...

Congrats on the German rights. I have German friends and they love reading sci-fi and fantasy in English. My next novel is a fantasy so I'm nervous they might want to read it and not like it. You're brave to try a filmscript. On the face of it they look easier than fiction but I suspect they are harder because they live on the dialogue - unless you write a silent movie... :) Good luck

Karen McQuestion said...

Hi Christopher, I always worry about people I know reading my books and not liking them. I think it comes with the territory. :)

Thanks for the luck!

Peter S. Hart said...

If you're still looking for your German translation, ask Guido Henkel ( He is one of the most helpful bloggers on the Net.

Karen McQuestion said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Peter!