Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hollywood Forever by Christopher Herz

A few weeks ago, my friend Christopher Herz, asked if I’d be able to review his new book on my blog in time for his release date, January 29th. Of course I said yes, because Christopher is a great writer and January 29th was a long ways away….

The days flew by and I’m only partway through Christopher’s book, but release dates wait for no woman, so here’s my blog post  on the very day the book comes out.

I  present to you, Hollywood Forever by Christopher Herz! Isn't that a great cover? Here’s the description of the story:

Harold Hall’s popularity, bolstered by a nervous breakdown caught on camera at the Hollywood DMV, has suddenly risen sky-high. Now strangers are taking his picture and uploading his every move to Facebook and Twitter. For a struggling actor looking to leave a legacy, it’s a dream come true. But Harold’s love, Eliah, doesn’t even have a cell phone, let alone a hashtag. And when Harold is cast as a revolutionary leader in a groundbreaking new web show, he lands the role that was built to make him a legend…but not without a cost. In order for Harold to truly transform into his role as a visionary, the producers at Golden State Broadcasting have asked him to undergo reconstructive face surgery. Just when Harold’s dreams start to come true, he has to make the decision between love or legend before the director yells, Cut.

And the author bio for those not familiar with the inimitable Mr. Herz:
 After working in the New York advertising world and seeing the possibilities that social media and the digital revolution held for writers, Christopher Herz fully went after his dream of writing novels and took to selling copies of his first book, The Last Block in Harlem, on the streets of New York. His unorthodox efforts and fresh contemporary prose garnered the attention of media outlets everywhere, earning him an early spot on the AmazonEncore roster. AmazonEncore then republished the book to critical acclaim, and his novel Pharmacology was released a year later. Herz is a graduate of the San Francisco State University creative writing program and a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, where he writes extensively on art and culture. Born in New York City, Herz grew up in California, the setting for his searing portrait of American life, Hollywood Forever.

Since I don't have a review ready, I'll borrow the words of Emily Snow, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who said, “An actor walks into a DMV . . . That’s not the beginning of a joke but of a brilliant novel written by Christopher Herz. Not only is Hollywood Forever a smart and witty five-star read—with genuine characters I want to meet for drinks—this book made me stop and question the influence of social media in my own life. If you find yourself checking Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube multiple times a day, Hollywood Forever will cause you to think, too (in a good way that makes you read a second and third time)! To sum it all up in four words: I loved this book!"
My apologies to Christopher for not fulfilling my promise. I used to think, when my kids were little, that they were the reason I had trouble keeping up with life. Turns out I was wrong. It's me! Maybe 2013 will be the year I get my ducks in a row.
In the meantime, join me in reading Christopher's book, Hollywood Forever.




Bill B said...

Take heart, Karen -- for all intents & purposes (again, IMHO), you fulfilled your promise to Christopher. I mean, you got the word out, even if you didn't review Hollywood Forever personally. It has me interested, anyway. I'm sure you have a pretty high stack of TBR's (not to be confused with PBR's), and you'll eventually read 'em all. Yeah, your ducks may eventually form a row, or they may keep paddling in circles. It's all good.

When you mentioned 'release date' the first thing that flashed in my mind was impossible deadlines at work, and then I had a clear picture of Fivel, the mouse in An American Tail, as another mouse was yelling, "REWESE THE SECWET WEAPON!" That's my kind of release date.

Anyway, I read The Last Block In Harlem and I'll read Hollywood Forever as well. I'll bet you done good, Christopher.

Karen McQuestion said...

Bill B.--funny you should mention it--I do have a high stack of TBRs! I really have to stop talking to other people who love reading because I get book recommendations faster than I can read.

The thing I can remember about An American Tail is the song, "Somewhere Out There." Who'd have thought an animated movie about a mouse could bring me to tears?

Apropos of nothing, I found it interesting that publishers always release books on Tuesdays. Why? I don't know, but that's what they do.

Pale Rambler said...

Tuesday is the first workday of the week that doesn't feel evil. Nothing but bad karma on Monday.

Karen McQuestion said...

Well that explains it!