Monday, March 17, 2014

Coolest Giveaway Ever!

I exaggerate on occasion, but this time around it's true. I've seen a lot of author giveaways and this is the coolest I've ever seen, and I say that even though I'm part of it.

Kudos to the ever clever and creative author Kay Bratt, who thought this up and did all the work, so all I have to do is contribute my third and watch the fun! 

So here's the deal. This is our Around the World Giveaway!  Those who enter have a chance of winning a suitcase (adorably decorated by Kay and her daughter) full of books by one of three authors: myself, Kay Bratt, and Kate Danley,  In addition, your name will be entered to win a brand new Kindle! You can enter up to nine times, and it's free and easy.

Please enter and feel free to share this with friends and on FB and Twitter etc. Thank you and good luck!

This contest is limited to those in the U.S and Canada. My apologies if that's not you!

(Click on the little arrows on each side to see all of the prizes! Cool, huh?)" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway


ceblain said...

This IS a cool giveaway and I would absolutely love to see my name attached to a win here. OMGosh it would make me feel so much better this week. Thank you for the great offering.
You ladies are so great to be so generous. <3

Karen McQuestion said...

Hey ceblain! So nice of you to leave a comment. I recognize you as one of my FB friends. I hope you win!